In the baldness of human patterns, the initial state of hair fall gives better response to medical medicine; However, for the advanced phase of hair fall, hair transplant by BOOSTED-FUE is the right choice.

Baldness is a very common problem which increases rapidly every year. Man affected by hair loss can face many psychological disorders, lose self confidence, and avoid socialization. There may be several reasons for diluting the hairline in humans. These can be:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Aging
  • Insufficient diet and nutrition
  • mental stress
  • Diseases like thyroid and diabetes.
  • Genetic
  • The symptoms of female baldness are:
  • Dryness of the skull
  • Skull scabies / redness
  • Russian
  • Hair Thin Hair
  • For highly hair fall, proper treatment is required in a recognized and experienced clinic.

Darpan Skin And Mind Clinic – A unique solution for all your hair problems! In Darpan we ​​ensure natural results for your hairline.

Delhi’s top pediatrician is leading the clinic to provide the best treatment and best results for his clients.
We are equipped with the latest machines and equipment to provide proper hair treatment to our customers. We have 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Treatment is safe and without side effects
  • The cost of treatment provided for female baldness is very competitive in the market. It all depends on the budgets and costs of all.
  • Doctor provides adequate guidance from the beginning of hair treatment to the end. This includes information about your daily routine, dietary supplements, nutrition and participation in daily activities and regular checkups.
  • If you are looking for a specific type of treatment for the hairline, individual treatment plans are also provided.
  • We offer treatment of almost all types of hair. From Hair Transplant to Instant Hair Los Treatment, we have all of this.

Meet your doctor …

Doctor is exceptionally qualified and professional in providing skin and hair treatment to customers. With 7 years of experience in hair transplant, laser, dermatological surgery and cosmetic procedures, they are committed to providing excellent results to all her clients.

Under their guidance, Darpan has provided excellent results for the treatment of skin and hair problems in women. Hair loss, hair loss, scalp problem, hair transplantation etc. Everything is done very carefully. Monitoring of each case is done directly by her and her team to achieve natural results. This ensures that after a customer treatment, see a big difference in your hair line.

Get an appointment and say goodbye to your hair problems!

Yes, you can literally say goodbye to all the problems of your hair. From small to all important hair problems, we are here to help you. You just have to book an appointment with us immediately. You can contact us via call or write an email to us. You can also complete the form on the website and we will contact you to find out your child history.

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