Defect is to be your hormone.

“The main reason for the hormone fluctuation in the form of earlier menstrual cycle,” the mirror explains a dermatologist. I.e. like testosterone (male hormone) androgens That usually raises its ugly head in the form of a high (painful) cystic acne around the beard, neck and back, the dermatologist mirror said.

Then, stress (and very powerful) force.

Another source hormonal changes, stress. You work full time, full time mother of one or both trips, chances are your stress levels are high. “When you are stressed, the stress hormone comes in the body of the cortisol called gland, and it puts the body in to help cope with body tension,” explains Doctor Darpan. Unfortunately, testosterone is a little bit, they will run away. For a woman, to push more oil glands to produce male hormone oil – the main reason breakouts. (Thanks a lot, hormones)

 Pollution isn’t helping your case either.

“Air pollution at this level of face crap okay,” Darpan Doctor said. Especially if you live in the city. Half an hour strolling out of my mind Returning home you will remove the face of the toner or pad and find out what color is wiped. Warning: If you see what you see, you do not like.

Using Wrong Prodcuts

If you have oily skin and suffer from breakouts or combination, then you should use the care products labeled “free from oil”, “non-comedogenic” or “according to water,” Darpan doctor said. You ensure that only you are doing the worse and worse, they do not block pores and slatherovat.

Are Foods or No Impact – This is not quite clear.

All we have heard is what food was said to cause acne – chocolate, fried food, pizza, caffeine, nut. He said that those people, who are not called great, statistically significant, though. “If you eat chocolate, you eat chocolate.” For the dairy, which was performed in some cases further, it is shown that such arguments have been shown.
Darpan Doctor recommended to avoid one of the food items iodine. “Iodine is in no cause of acne, but if meat is enough,” he said. You can find a lobster in the form of crustaceans, shrimp, crab, green algae and quasada. Iodine and which accumulate in iodine weeks or months before it is effective on the skin “the difference between acne due to the difference between the other”

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