Laser hair reduction is a permanent solution for smooth hair-free skin. It’s a no-hassle option for today’s busy always on-the-go generation.
It is virtually painless with no downtime.

Duration? – Depends on the area being treated. The procedure takes about 10 minutes for the facial hair.

Who can get it done? – Anyone above the age of 18 years with unwanted hair can get it done. But it does not work on very fine or grey hair.

Which areas can be treated? – Any body part with thick dark hair can be treated, including the sensitive bikini area. It is becoming more popular than ever in males too for beard shaping, hairy back etc. But it’s very important to consult a dermatologist first for correct assessment of your hair type and skin type.

Expectations? – The hair will become finer, lighter and the rate of hair growth will also reduce, resulting in longer periods of hair free smooth skin. One would require multiple sessions to achieve desired results.

Will it harm my skin? – No. If the laser machine parameters are adjusted well according to your hair and skin type, it will not harm your skin in any way. That’s where the importance of a trained doctor comes into play.

Post procedure care? – None. Apply sunscreen regularly and you’re good to go!

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